Saturday, December 17, 2011

Neighborhood love

We call them the Saturday morning crew
They call themselves the Taffe St. Flashmob
I think that sounds much better!

What started off with just a couple of people drinking coffee on a Saturday morning developed into a community hangout spot for one local neighborhood... We welcome you Taffe St! (Not all of them are from there)

Our gallery sits right between Frances Street and Taffe Street on El Camino Real  so if you live on those streets and haven't been to our place before, what are you waiting for? Just walk here!

We have gotten so used to their presence, their bubbly personalities, walking in asking for breakfast and coffee that we even have a sandwich named after one of them. Introducing the ANNE
A bagel sandwich with avocado, tomato, onions, cream cheese and sprouts.
You can choose with or without egg and some prefer cheddar cheese oppose to cream cheese.

These Sunnyvale residents sure know how to have a great laugh, I promise you they don't bite and are super friendly. We open at 9AM on Saturdays so come grab a bite, a cup of joe and browse through our art magazines and books.