Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The power of a place.

Props to my sister for creating this blog.  It was created to promote awareness for the gallery and the events we hold.  I haven't written a post yet, but I'd like to start with what this place means to me.  It's my hope that this blog will help me focus on improving the gallery until we reach that point where it's self-sustaining. 

To say that we've struggled to maintain this family-run gallery from original concept to now would be an understatement.  It has truly tested our perseverance, and yet, has also been an amazing blessing.

As I reflect about the different events that have gone on here, I feel empowered to try harder to keep this place growing. We hold art shows promoting local artists. Each month we exhibit individuals artists who have displayed for their first time. We've exhibited artists showcasing their life's worth of artwork  We've held group art exhibitions including the Sunnyvale Art Club, Santa Clara Watercolor Society, Metal Arts Association of Silicon Valley, students from the Academy of Art of San Francisco, and the Los Altos Art Club to name a few.  For 2 years we've hosted the Fremont Union High School District Annual Art Showcase.  

We host an open mic where musicians, poets, storytellers, comedians come to express themselves.  Many times the first time they've gone up to perform for anything. With the help of some amazing bands, we raised over $700 for Japan for the Tsunami Relief Fund.  We partnered with Sunnyvale Community Services and the Alvarez-Horine family to raise over $6000 for Sunnyvale Community Services.  We host 3 toastmaster groups, a crochet group, a group of bridge players, book clubs, and a few networking groups.   We hold art classes and workshops and for a month invited volunteer teachers to teach free art classes to the public.  We've had art nights promoting 'street art', poetry nights, book signings, dance marathons, concerts, drop in drawing sessions, bike parties, and a 'trash to treasure' event where people brought 'trash' and we painted them into works of art.  

We've hosted a Homestead High School high school reunion, a miracle fruit flavor tripping party, a speed dating session, a community photography contest, and a series of speakeasies. We host a weekly neighborhood breakfast club, a monthly bible study group, monthly tango night, weekly art critique groups, a bi-annual arts summit meeting, and a weekly class taught by PBS art instructor Stefan Baumann. 

Before we opened on October 17th, 2009, friends of the gallery volunteered by joining us for cleaning parties, painting parties, building a wall party, taking down that same wall party, vacuum parties, sandwich making parties, and the list goes on.  Friends and family have believed in us by investing into the gallery.  To those that have helped create this place and to those who support it, I offer my eternal gratitude.  Thank you!! This place means a great deal to me, and I truly believe it has created a lot of good for the community. 

I'll give an honest effort to update this blog.
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Love and Gratitude.

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